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Turf Installation and Maintenance Advice

Barron River Lawns is the number one provider of turf delivery and installation services. We also assist our clients with surface preparation to ensure the land is ready for a flawless installation. We understand some clients may want to lay their turf themselves. That is why our industry experts offer turf advice and support services to support you with your outdoor project.

The advantage of turf compared to regular grass is that it is easier to maintain, looks beautiful year round and ensures even coverage in areas where sunlight exposure is mixed. Turf does require proper preparation, installation and maintenance to ensure it thrives for years to come.

How to Install Turf


When you invest in high-quality turf such as Kings Pride Buffalo turf it's important to understand the correct method of installation. The process begins with removing your existing grass and preparing your surface.

Ensure you spray any unwanted weeds using weed killer. Leave it in place for a couple of days so all your weeds die out. Remove any dead grass from the surface as well. Then you can use a rotary hoe or similar equipment to cultivate the soil. Try to achieve a minimum of three inches depth for the best results.

After cultivation you must level out your soil to ensure that it's flat with no holes anywhere in the area. If you believe you have high-quality soil you can proceed to the next step. If there are concerns about soil quality consider investing in some gypsum, turf underlay or topsoil and lawn fertiliser. Rake everything in before you move onto the next step.

Now you may lay down your turf. Lay it side by side and ensure it's right next to the other section. When everything is laid out take a hand roller and give it one or two rolls before watering it. The first watering should be substantial but you will need to use much less water in the future.

Turf Maintenance


Ensuring that your turf remains in excellent condition is the best way to maximise the value of your new investment. It all starts with the first lawn mowing which you can do a couple of weeks after you've laid your turf down.

A good rule is to get down on your knees and grab a bit of grass from the top of the lawn. Pull up on the grass. If it is coming up then do not mow it yet. When the grass does not budge you are ready for the first mowing!

Aside from regular watering and mowing it's a good idea to use some variety of granulated fertiliser on your turf. It's best to perform this step three or four times a year as you enter each season. If there are parts of your lawn where the grass does not get much sunlight you may want to apply fertiliser to those areas an additional one or two times a year.

By following these steps you can ensure that your turf not only installs flawlessly but looks spectacular for years to come! If you require any assistance with turf delivery or installation in Cairns, contact Barron River Lawns today.