Turf Supply & Installation Services in Cairns & Tablelands

Backyard Lawn — River Lawn in Mareeba, QLD
Barron River Lawns is proud to serve as the turf specialist in Cairns and surrounding cities. We assist domestic and commercial clients in beautifying their outdoor spaces with the benefits of a lush green lawn. Our services include surface preparation, turf delivery and installation, quality turf sales and turf maintenance advice and support.
Lawn Preparation — River Lawn in Mareeba, QLD



Laying down turf is not as simple as showing up to a location and fitting it out on the existing surface. There is a lot of work that must be done before your surface is ready for flawless turf installation. It is why Barron River Lawns offers expert surface preparation services.

Whether you want us to lay down turf at your home or business, or plan to do it yourself, we can help prepare your surface for the process. Such work includes cleaning up the site, removing the existing lawn, weeds, plants and rocks, laying down top soil, ensuring your drainage system is functioning correctly and raking the soil until it is even and in an ideal state.
Before and After of Lawn — River Lawn in Mareeba, QLD

Delivery & Installation


Barron River Lawns can deliver turf to clients in Mareeba, Atherton, Tablelands, Cairns and to the top of Cape York. We provide free quotes while our expert crew can complete the turf installation at your home or business. Our owner will be present at every installation regardless of the scope of the project.

We have installed turf at homes, apartment complexes, local sports fields, council areas, gardens, office spaces and other commercial locations. We have a skid steer available for surface preparation while our crew has the training and expertise to install your turf flawlessly.
Quality Turf — River Lawn in Mareeba, QLD

Quality Turf


We sell two kinds of turf at Barron River Lawns - Kings Pride soft leaf Buffalo turf and common tropical Buffalo turf. The common Buffalo turf is ideal for most of our clients who are seeking an affordable, easy to maintain and beautiful solution to their outdoor space. Customers who want more performance, beauty and longevity out of their turf will be very interested in the Kings Pride Buffalo turf as it's the best quality available in the country. It's perfect for areas with a lot of shade and kids or pets playing in the yard. We are trusted providers of quality turf and we apply the strictest standards in assessing its condition before laying it down at a home or business in the area.
Wide Lawn — River Lawn in Mareeba, QLD

Advice & Support


Aside from sourcing, delivering and installing quality turf for our clients we also offer information on how to install turf on your own. If you are hoping to perform DIY work to save a bit of money we can provide you with pointers on how to get the job done correctly. Our crew can also advise you on turf maintenance to ensure the turf we install retains its beauty and performance for many years to come. While turf is more straightforward to manage than regular grass, it still requires a bit of work to maintain prime aesthetics and durability.

If you are hoping to lay down turf at your home or business consult with Barron River Lawns. We offer free measuring and price quotes with no obligations to clients throughout the Cairns region!