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Do you find yourself staring at your front or back lawn, wondering why the grass never grows evenly? No matter how hard they try to water their lawn, mow it regularly and engage in other lawn care, the grass grows unevenly.

Not only does regular grass grow haphazardly in the local area, it requires a lot of water and care if you wish to enjoy optimum aesthetics. It is why many people have switched to turf in the past few years and never looked back! We can help you do the same.

Barron River Lawns is the number one turf service provider in the Cairns region. We understand the needs of our domestic and commercial clients which allows us to flawlessly perform surface preparation, turf installation and turf care at homes and businesses in the area.

Turf Specialists


When you hire Barron River Lawns in Cairns we promise a flawless turf delivery, installation and maintenance experience. We care about more than merely laying down turf at your garden or commercial space. We want to ensure that your lawn looks flawless for years to come. It is why we offer free measuring and price quotes, turf care advice and surface preparation services.

We stock numerous varieties of turf that will appeal to clients in the region. These turfs are grown in Australia and sell for competitive rates. Barron River Lawns can handle the delivery and installation of common Buffalo and Greenlees Couch turf.

Our pride and joy is the Kings Pride soft leaf Buffalo turf. It is the best quality turf available in Australia and anywhere in the world. If you care about presenting a beautiful image of your home to passers-by, friends and family, you will be amazed at the value you can get from Kings Pride Buffalo turf.

Contact Barron River Lawns for superior turf services in Cairns and Tablelands. We are available during business hours Monday to Friday and on call over the weekend.
Before laying down turf at any home or business in the area, it is imperative to engage in proper surface preparation. Clients can rely on Barron River Lawns to handle their surface preparation needs. We can remove your existing grass or turf and prepare your soil for flawless turf installation.
Trust Barron River Lawns to handle your turf delivery and installation needs in Cairns and surrounding communities. Whether you require turf for a small backyard at your home or a massive commercial outdoor space, we have the resources and work ethic to deliver the results that you crave.
Kings Pride is an Australian-owned and operated business that sells high-quality buffalo turf to clients throughout the country. Barron River Lawns is proud to partner with Kings Pride, ensuring that our Cairns customers have access to the best turf in the world.
Barron River Lawns not only delivers and installs turf at homes and businesses throughout Cairns, but we also assist turf owners in managing their beautiful outdoor spaces. Consult with our specialists about the best methods for surface preparation, turf laying and turf maintenance.