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Are you tired of staring at the same ugly patches of grass in your front or backyard? Whether it's due to a lack of attention or surface damage to areas of the yard, you may find that your grass never grows evenly.

Barron River Lawns understands your frustration and we're ready to help. Our partnership with Kings Pride Turf means we can deliver and install the highest quality turf available in Cairns and surrounding communities.

Kings Pride Turf is a superior soft leaf buffalo lawn which is shade tolerant, more comfortable to mow, has excellent recovery and doesn't require as much water throughout the year. It's the best solution for home and business owners who want to maintain a beautiful outdoor aesthetic with less effort and water use.

Barron River Lawns is a locally owned and operated business, offering surface preparation, turf delivery and installation and turf advice and support services throughout Cairns and nearby regions.

We offer free measure and price quotes with no obligation! Contact us today if you're thinking about switching from regular grass to turf.



Barron River Lawns has proudly served the Cairns and surrounding communities for the past few years providing stellar turf delivery and installation services to domestic and commercial clients. Here are testimonials from our satisfied customers:



When you require turf delivery or installation services in Cairns and surrounding communities you can count on Barron River Lawns to deliver. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our services:

If I have the turf installed at my home or business will it look like real grass?

Barron River Lawns only sources and lays down the best quality turf available in the Cairns region. We partner with Kings Pride Buffalo who are known for their outstanding turf. When you have such turf installed at your home or business it will look better than regular grass. It is laid out evenly with lush green throughout your front or backyard. There are no issues related to uneven growth or bald spots and is easier to maintain than real grass.

Can turf handle kids or pets playing on it?


What maintenance is required after my turf is installed?