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Invest in Quality Turf in Cairns

Barron River Lawns takes great pride in being the company customers in Cairns trust when it comes to finding superior turf. We only sell two kinds of turf for a reason - we believe in providing our clients with the best quality on the market.

If you're seeking a combination of affordability, durability and aesthetics the tropical Buffalo will not disappoint. It is easy to lay down and maintain which provides a great deal of longevity to homeowners in the area.

One of the appealing qualities of common tropical Buffalo turf is that it's affordable and suits most budgets. This turf thrives in areas that receive even sunlight with minimal shade and foot traffic.

Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf


If you're looking for the best performance and don't mind paying extra you'll be delighted with the Kings Pride soft leaf Buffalo turf that we sell. Barron River Lawns is certified to sell, deliver and install Kings Pride turf at domestic and commercial locations in the area.

Kings Pride is the best option for front and backyards and commercial green spaces that see a lot of traffic. It is hard wearing, looks incredible and requires much less maintenance compared to regular soft leaf Buffalo grasses. It's also non-evasive to garden beds and won't develop some of the colour fading noticeable in other Buffalo grasses.

All Buffalo grass requires some amount of water throughout the year to retain its appearance and toughness. But Kings Pride soft leaf Buffalo turf requires less water compared to the competition. Not only does it mean that you can save money on water usage it also means fewer times you have to go outside and water your grass!

It's also the softest turf on the market. You may hear horror stories about clients who felt their turf was so rough that it would scratch their skin on contact. It 's never going to happen with any turf that Barron River Lawns sells - especially not the Kings Pride variety. It is incredibly soft grass while maintaining the durability that you expect.
Whether you have young kids, teenagers or pets that love to roam around your yard during the evenings and weekends, you'll see your turf retaining its integrity and appearance for years to come. All it requires is semi-regular watering, mowing and a fertiliser application every few months and you are good to go.

Invest in Kings Pride soft leaf Buffalo turf if you want your lawn to become the envy of the neighbourhood!