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Surface Preparation Services in Cairns

Turf is the new trend when it comes to outdoor beautification in Australia - and with good reason! Not only does turf offer superior aesthetics, it's more durable and easier to manage. Imagine not having to worry about your grass growing unevenly or needing to water at a specific times of the day.

Before you have turf laid down at your home or business it's critical to ensure that your surface is ready for such a project. Surface preparation matters because it ensures that your soil is prepared to host your turf for years to come.

Barron River Lawns makes it effortless for you to have the turf installed at your residence or business. Whether you want our professionals to lay down your turf or you plan to do it on your own we can prepare your surface for the process.

From start to finish we can handle the entire process for you! We will show up, perform the necessary cleaning and soil work and lay your turf in quick time. We can even show you some tips on how to get the most out of your turf in the coming years!

Professional Soil Preparation


The first step of surface preparation is to clear whatever is present in the area. In most instances it means removing the existing turf or grass entirely. Everything must be eliminated from the space including plants, weeds and grass. When it's completely cleared we begin our professional soil preparation.

Our services include rotary hoeing for the soil along with adding top soil and other mixes to improve the health of your ground. We rake the soil to the necessary length and then flatten it out to ensure that it's ready for laying down your new turf!

Forget about hiring an outside crew or renting expensive equipment. We are a team you can trust to get the job done to superior quality. We have years of experience with surface preparation in a variety of settings. Whether it's a backyard of a Cairns home or a commercial outdoor space we have the tools, know-how and work ethic to ensure flawless surface preparation.
Our crew is available Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm. We also work on the weekends by appointment. We are very flexible when it comes to arranging a time for our crew to arrive at your location. Barron River Lawns recommends you schedule an initial consultation, where we measure your yard and offer a free price quote.

From there we can agree on a time for surface preparation and turf laying. In most cases we deliver same day completion for our jobs.

Some projects may involve a few days of work. In these instances we clean out the site and prepare your soil in one day, then return one or two days later to lay down your turf.